wireless airbuds for listening to music while cycling

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds - Apple H1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth Headphones, 9 Hours of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant, Built-in Microphone - Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 64,573 $199.95 $ 199 . 95 $249.95 $249.95 Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Magnetic Earphones, Class 1 Bluetooth, 12 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Black 4.4 out of 5 stars 30,070 $49.95 $ 49 . 95 $69.95 $69.95 Regardless, I'm thankful for Apple for lighting up the true wireless headphone industry. The APs were a dream come true when they came out; nothing before it compared (and I had $600 custom IEMs that were waterproof and had a control scheme controlled by head nods). The APPs accelerated the creation of noise cancelling true wireless. Anyone who ever wanted to listen to music while waiting for a video call to start with airpods on knows that bluetooth is holding any wireless headphones back. reply. thelittleone 2 hours ... I'm generally a calm person but have come quite close to rage destroying phone and airbuds in response. Bluetooth and I are not friends. reply. ... Finding the best earbuds to suit your needs and your budget can be difficult. There are many different types to choose from, including wired in-ear headphones, neckbud-style wireless earphones ...

2022.01.18 11:25 Juul10872 wireless airbuds for listening to music while cycling

phone and tv: samsung
use: while watching series and films, listening to music and maybe use them while gaming (xbox, nintendo switch)
when: at home, school, work and outside while walking or cycling
battery life: at least 2 hours, because I cycle 90 minutes a day.
budget: max €/$80 doesn't matter if it's a bit more
colour: black
I want earbuds because they look better in my opinion.
I've seen the samsung galaxy buds, but i dont know if theyre worth it and if there are better earbuds.
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2022.01.18 11:25 GuessForGames The next version of D&D is coming, and Monsters of the Multiverse is your first taste

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2022.01.18 11:25 ConcernedAvakin Content creators

Please bring in fun social spots. these spots are boring. New clothing please. New furniture, new houses. And lower the exchange because this is getting ridiculous. This is the worst game so far on the planet. You guys were in the lead I don’t know what happened but it’s disgusting now. Also you guys have a bunch of content creators who have No type of vision ( cabbage patch ugly babies ).
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2022.01.18 11:25 Bookshuh [WP] The world around is a chaotic, apocalyptic hell scape rife with pain and torment, that seems to revolves around one distant individual. Realizing what is doing on is a dream and what you are in it, you pinch yourself and repeat “I am not real. I am not real”

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2022.01.18 11:25 Letsgetrock Creator Of Kibo Eclipse Steve Aidan Booth Review

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2022.01.18 11:25 demoralising Lancia Delta S4 [1080x1080]

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2022.01.18 11:25 Hamza78ch11 I think I was sexually harassed and I just feel really weird after

My fiance and I are long distance and so we usually do long calls in the afternoon or evenings. I just walk around my neighborhood because I get my daily walk in and at the same time get to talk to my fiance. My neighborhood is...not exactly bougie. Despite that I've never felt unsafe or that it was bad or anything like that. However, a couple of days ago I'm out on my walk and we're on the phone and I'm walking around in sweatpants and a hoodie. I'm a pretty normal looking guy, I'm not ultra fit but I'm not fat. Just a normal guy.
Out of nowhere some car comes zooming up the street, it pulls up next to the stop sign that I happen to be walking next to. They wave at me and because I am a polite person I don't really notice and wave back. The car comes to a stop and the window rolls down. Some random middle-aged lady sticks her head out the window and shouts "Nice dick!" and then the car zooms off again.
What just happened? She clearly wasn't the only person in the car because she was in the passenger side. Why would someone do this? I'm very modest and I would never wear revealing clothing but besides that I'm not even sure how a man would show off his genitals in his sweatpants? Was she insulting me? Like, did she call me a dick and if so why? I'm just walking on the sidewalk minding my own business. I told my fiance but because I was more confused than anything she just brushed it off. I don't feel angry or sad or anything. I'm still mostly just confused. Why would you accost a total stranger like that for no reason? What was the point? And now I think I understand what women go through on a regular basis. This really sucks.
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2022.01.18 11:25 VictheWicked Who would win in a fight? Kazuma Kiryu or Geralt of Rivia?

I’ve been mulling this over in my head for the last week and can’t figure out a satisfying, declarative answer.
Let’s presume for ease of comparison that we’re talking about Geralt leveled up to the end of Witcher 3, and Kiryu leveled all the way up to the end of Yakuza 4 - where I figure both were close to their upper limits.
My first instinct is of course that there’s no way a mere mortal would stand a chance against a slayer of horrors so experienced as Geralt - but then another voice creeps in and tells me that if anyone could do it, Kiryu could.
Geralt’s obvious advantages are formal training; Witcher signs, potions and mutations; and the sword he’s never without.
But then Kiryu’s shown he can block sword-strikes with his bare forearms, even using the opportunity to disarm his opponents.
Yrden might slow him down, but he’s fought foes quicker than himself such as Majima handily. Igni? Kiryu’s fire resistant. I doubt he’s “canonically” fire resistant, but the fact that it’s a skill of his seems to suggest he’d be able to jump through fire, seemingly through sheer force of will, given the right motivation. I can easily imagine him mashing triangle and ripping apart a Quen shield.
Having said all that - I sort of have a hard time seeing even Kiryu being able to respond to a fully-potioned Witcher with heightened senses and reaction times. There’s also Axii, maybe Geralt’s only true advantage sign-wise - for all his strengths, Kiryu’s a very trusting guy, sometimes to the point of nativity.
Kiryu’s obvious advantages are sheer brute strength, utilising his environment, and the above mentioned sheer force of will - plus, while I think it must pale in comparison to Witcher training, Komaki style’s no slouch.
If Kiryu were to get a grab in, I feel there’s little Geralt could do in response. If Geralt’s guard were broken, which it easily could be - There’s also little he could do in response to the combo coming his way.
Geralt’s absolutely more agile, and would have an easy time dancing around a traditional square square triangle combo - but I wonder if his stamina would hold out? Plus, in a 1v1 fight such as this, Kiryu would have an easier time pulling off the Tiger Drop, which would of course floor the Witcher and leave him vulnerable to follow-up stomps.
Let’s presume Geralt portals into 2000’s Tokyo, and has reason to believe that this one wide ex-Yakuza is the Doppler that stole the Crown Jewels, or some shit. Who would win?
Some additional questions: who’s the better dancer, Haruka or Ciri? Who’s score more points in karaoke on 24 Hour Cinderella, Jaskier or Majima?
Xposted to witcher
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2022.01.18 11:25 LetsBeatTheStreet Spelling Out for those In the Back ...

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2022.01.18 11:25 switch-sniff Daily 小池 里奈 Koike Rina #7

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2022.01.18 11:25 nuriodaci Analysts estimate bitcoin ATM market at $1.88 billion by 2028

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2022.01.18 11:25 jmonte21 Bikini Insta

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2022.01.18 11:25 El-Hermetico369 [android][2022.01] cannot return to previous comments

I cannot keep up with conversations in subreddits because I have to sift through every comment to find to the original thread. Seems intentionally designed to prevent extended conversation/debate outside of PMs. Uninstalling
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2022.01.18 11:25 DarthBoneBaby Maybe a dumb question. Can I Transmute Muddle the Mixture to search for Dramatic Reversal? Or only another card that has two blue as the mana symbol?

Small argument breaking out and we need a third party to squash it.
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2022.01.18 11:25 dirrtyremixes Hyperz [18-Jan-2022]

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2022.01.18 11:25 chroniclechase GUYS HE DID IT AGAIN

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2022.01.18 11:25 Atlas4321 I wish we had a flee whistle 😕

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2022.01.18 11:25 mxbob8 Here's my last work..Randall Preamp From Hell + Multi CabSim & DI in rack format!

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2022.01.18 11:25 One-Strawberry2725 Whoever starts a Vegas gang sub lmk💯

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2022.01.18 11:25 DukeOfZade Strangest Disappearances Iceberg

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2022.01.18 11:25 ianwilfredgoh Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But ViroxZ Does

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But ViroxZ Does This post is a shoutout to ViroxZ, a fkin chad legend.
So I recently hit 1430+ iLvl and you know what that means, it's that time you need to face the dreaded Temptation Gardens raid- facing Biackiss in all her well-endowed glory.
The problem most new players or for players not in a guild face with this raid is that no one, and I mean no one, is willing to teach or give you a chance to enter the raid and keep re-trying. It's a raid that is very heavy on mechanics and majority of them if someone fails = team wipe. The only other way to really learn the raid's mechanics is to watch YouTube videos and even then it's not super helpful as some videos and angles will look different from when you're in-game.
I was searching for groups randomly to try to learn the raid when I stumbled across a "learning group" hosted by this Infighter named ViroxZ.

ViroxZ hosting teaching lessons for us plebians.

I obviously jumped in immediately and oh laaaawd (the oh laaawd is a tribute to ViroxZ cause he says it a lot) this man was a chad.
When facing P1 (Phase 1), he explained to us all the boss' mechanics and kept pushing on even after most of us wiped so he could show us the different mechanics and attack animation the boss does. What was amazing was that he was doing all the mechs, damaging the boss and typing/pinging key mechanics and locations still. After 20-ish wipes, we finally cleared it! Everyone went in blind and green except for ViroxZ and we still managed to pass.
Everyone was pumped. We all thought oh shit we're going to clear it no problem.

lead us senpai.
Then P2 (Phase 2) came. Oh laaaaawd. The mechanics, the animations. Much shiny much eye-blinding. We were wiping before we could even get to the first major mechanic. We were beaten and down-trodden, hope was just a distant memory. But not ViroxZ, his enthusiasm lifted our spirits and his willingness to just teach us and guide us (mind you this was for free) and we kept on trying.

made one mistake and apologized a million times. humble chad.
We literally wiped 60+ times and wanted to give up countless times, but ViroxZ helped us soldier through. Inch by inch, we kept progressing further and further. After what seemed like a million years, we made it. Thank the laaaawd.

sweet sweet victory... almost.
Now comes the absolute hardest part- P3 (Phase 3). Fuk.
After completing P1 and P2, we went into P3 with high spirits but the dominatrix quickly whipped it straight out of us. Over and over we wiped early on because the difficulty ramped up insanely high.

/hala hala
We tried. Like really tried really hard but were unable to push through (mainly because of time constraints on a weekday- we tried from 6pm till 11pm, and some of us had to work the next day) so we had to call it quits :(

till the end he was still encouraging us and letting us know we did a good job. chad.
So this post is dedicated to you ViroxZ, if you see this post, we are all deeply grateful to you for taking the time to walk us through one of the most mech heavy and cancerous raids in the game. You truly are the chadest chad.
If anyone is in Lost Ark RU - Kratos server, please whisper him a thanks and show him some love <3 (or some gold idk you do you boo)
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