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Taeyong wore the Oversized T-Shirt With Tag Effect Dog Prints during a performance of “Zoo” during the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert on New Year’s Day. He performed the song with fellow NCT members Jeno , Hendery , and YangYang and aespa ‘s Giselle . EXO’s “Tempo” | SMTOWN/YouTube He’s also worked on songs for NCT , like NCT 127 ‘s “Cherry Bomb” and NCT DREAM ‘s “We Go Up.” He’s also worked with Girls’ Generation on songs like “One Last Time” and with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon on solo tracks like “Fine” and “One Day.” If you’re on the K-pop side of Twitter, you’ve probably seen the debates over NCT’s “Sticker.”Described variously as “artistic and experimental” and “post-good,” the song seems ... Dive into IVE! Hello, we are IVE!(Dive into IVE! 안녕하세요, 아이브입니다!)IVE IVE (아이브) is a six-member girl group under Starship Entertainment. They debuted on December 1, 2021 with their single album “Eleven”. Their name is an abbreviation for "I Have. In 2018, Yujin and Wonyoung competed on Mnet's survival show Produce 48 in which they ranked in the final 12, thus ... NCT's Taeyong is a wild spirit on the cover of 'W Korea' 2 hours ago 4 1,141 Former DIA member Somyi brings disappointment to her fans as she debuts as a BJ for adult content The drama remake of “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” has cancelled production. It was revealed back in November that NCT’s Jaehyun was cast for the role of Im Hyun Bin for a drama remake of the ... ASTRO Members Profiles: ASTRO Facts and Ideal Types ASTRO (아스트로) is a South Korean boy group that consists of 6 members: MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha. The group debuted on February 23rd, 2016, under Fantagio Entertainment. ASTRO Fandom Name: Aroha ASTRO Official Fan Colors: Vivid Plum and Space Violet ASTRO Current Dorm […] Kim Min-jeong (Hangul: 김민정), also known by her stage name Winter (Hangul: 윈터), is a member of the South Korean girl group aespa and the female unit GOT the beat. On October 26, 2020, S.M. Entertainment revealed Winter as the first member of aespa. On November 4th her Avatar was revealed, æ-WINTER, through the video SYNK, WINTER. On December 6th, Winter performed "ID; Peace B" at ... NCT’s latest album is off to an impressive start on the Billboard charts! On December 28 local time, Billboard officially announced that NCT’s new studio album “Universe” had debuted at No ...

2022.01.18 11:00 mujisano Wishlist for NCT's YouTube Content in 2022

I'll go first!
I'm imploring SM to give Haechan and Renjun their own episodic NCT YouTube series!!!! *shakes fist*
More specifically: a duo mukbang-travel series where they introduce trending hotspots in S. Korea, and eat lots of good food. Something like Jeno and Jaemin's Battle Trip (loved that one)
Of course this might not be viable given COVID, but if it could happen it will be fantastic and would suit the personalities of both so well, because:

To differentiate the content of the Dream pairs: with ChenJi's This And That it's about engaging with random pastimes to the penchant of its young hosts, whilst NoMin's Just Do It seems to focus more on adrenaline and high strung sports. So hm, with RenHyuk, I'm thinking it's more like A Guide To Being An Inssa* (lol)
(\inssa in Korea is a slang for someone who's up to date with trends and in the cool crowd)*
Ok. I'm done with my pitch. Have many other ideas for unit and solo member contents but think I have taken enough space. Curious to see what everyone else's ideas are!
SM, if your staff is lurking here, please take into account all proposals in here :")
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2022.01.18 11:00 I-am-annoyed-rn Still thinking about how the only girl I’ve known to ever like me is schizophrenic

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2022.01.18 11:00 Pizanch I havn't seen Lothern get wrecked this bad for a horde faction in a long time. Is this common?

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2022.01.18 11:00 Bonus1Fact Microsoft says it will buy US gaming giant Activision-Blizzard for $69B in an all-cash transaction

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2022.01.18 11:00 Ok_Stress_less Could you help me find a weird movie i saw as a kid?

Hi I'm searching for a movie i saw a loooong time ago, i remember it was about wendigos and people trapped in a Fort in winter, untill 2 girls arrived one day somehow and got tested with leeches to check if they have been bitten and infected by the wendigos. My Google search brings the movie Ravenous wich has allmost all the elements but Is not the one, thanks guys!
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2022.01.18 11:00 spr_J Bronco Sport Big Bend Stuck (Canadian snow)

Hi I’m just wondering where I can put the rope hitch at the rear for my BRonco sport Big Bend. ASAP answer appreciated
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2022.01.18 11:00 SciFiCrafts Working on a spacecraft. This time its more of a cargo unit...fits that VTOL look. Inspired by the game Highfleet btw. Paintjob will be some yellowish sandbeige with some accents. Very military, very clean. Working on a base-diorama for it right now.

Working on a spacecraft. This time its more of a cargo unit...fits that VTOL look. Inspired by the game Highfleet btw. Paintjob will be some yellowish sandbeige with some accents. Very military, very clean. Working on a base-diorama for it right now. submitted by SciFiCrafts to SciFiModels [link] [comments]

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2022.01.18 11:00 ZerO_Tonmoy Along with the Gods Quick Guide!

Along with the Gods Quick Guide! We’ve boiled down all you need to know in this super quick FAQ-style Along with the Gods guide. We’re gonna keep it quick and easy, so let’s crack on.

🎮 Along with the Gods is an awesome RPG, with two servers, one is classic and is gameplay and NFT focused. The other is a dedicated server of Along with the Gods, that allows players to enjoy playing AWTG while fulfilling certain conditions to earn rewards beyond in-game items.
You can create heroes and runes to sell to other players, and all you need is a 99c sealing scroll, NFT creation works on all servers of Along with the Gods.
✅ Visit for more information:
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2022.01.18 11:00 turnaround0101 [WP] You are the test subject for an experimental surgery to see wavelengths of light that humans normally cannot see. As you adjust to your new vision, you see one person in the corner furiously taking notes. "Who is that?" you ask. "Who is what?" asks the doctor, looking at the empty corner.

There was a ringing noise, somewhere in the world. That was a problem. Dr. Prescott had said, “no side effects” of course. He'd repeated it verbally, in writing, in forms, emails, phone calls, even a fax, often enough that the words had lost any form of meaning, just another drop in the sea of promises that Eliza most certainly did not believe. But she’d thought, if anything, that she’d wake up blind. Her hearing had never been on the table.
Eliza groaned. She tried to sit up, but a hand pressed against her shoulder, keeping her down. She was laying in a bed. The ringing noise was changing. It was misshapen. Unnatural. It was a dull roar now, as of…
“Easy now, easy. That’s it. That’s it.” said a man. Soft and slow like he was talking an animal. Maybe horses. “How do you feel?”
Eliza lay easy, tranquil, as the man, Dr. Prescott, asked his battery of questions. Like he’d said before they put her under, she was wearing a blindfold. He hadn’t said anything about not taking it off.
But it wasn’t the first time someone hadn’t said, and for what they were paying her even Eliza could do tranquil. They could tranquilize her again for all she cared if that took away the noise.
Matured now on the edges of her consciousness, it still sounded like the wind. Eliza had never gone in for irony, you had to have something to appreciate when something else went deliciously wrong. Irony was people like the good doctor and his friends. Eliza thought that what she had hardly qualified her.
Three floors down, if they hadn’t moved her, a broken violin lay in a locker with her name on it. Broken, still, so Eliza didn’t give a shit about irony right now. Irony could fuck off until she was gone and the luthier's work was done. Until she heard the perfect, pristine notes that she’d grown up with and shaped her life around.
They could tranquilize her again. Fix it. Prescott owed that, at least.
“Are you ready?” Dr. Prescott said, the last of the questions for now.
In answer Eliza swung her legs off the bed, pointing herself towards the dull, windy roar that she still heard. They might have moved her, she thought. That meant her violin could be anywhere, a problem, but it also meant that the roar could be equipment, something for the surgery. Or a window open in a freak windstorm that Dr. Prescott was conveniently avoiding for some such “experimental” purpose. It could be anything at all, it could even go away when she opened up her eyes.
Eliza opened her eyes. The sound did not go away.
Dr. Prescott was uncomfortably close, leaning closer. A tall man, old and flabby. A face cast from the same mold as half a dozen others Eliza had seen since she walked into his office and sold herself for violin parts.
Eliza blinked hard once, twice. She closed her eyes and shook her head, pressed a finger into her right ear just in case. Nothing.
“Easy now, easy,” Dr. Prescott said, like talking to an animal again. He was a man who looked like he owned horses. Or rather, like his family had, at some idyllic retreat upstate.
“I’m easy,” Eliza said, opening her eyes again. “I’m…”
There, on her right, in the very seam of the corner where no window could ever be, sat a window.
“What is?” Dr. Prescott said, excitedly. “What do you see?”
It might have been a window, Eliza thought on closer inspection. Whatever it was, it was open, the noise seeping through. The object was a nearly flat plane, a dimensionless culmination of many shades of light that somehow all ran to brown, only little hints of supernatural hues around the edges. They shimmered, those hues. Winked in and out like stars piercing mud.
And there was something on the other side. Something else that was flat and impossible. Eliza couldn’t make it out, couldn’t make out anything really. In the flat, otherworldly murk, there was no primer for explanation. Inhuman eyes lashed to a human brain. Fallible. Eyes were so much worse than ears, Eliza thought. Your eyes could trick you. To an eye, so many things looked appealing or attractive. To the ear, most of those rang hollow.
Like that bullshit about “no side effects.” Not that hollow had ever stopped her.
Dr. Prescott grabbed her shoulders. “Eliza?”
“It’s nothing,” she said suddenly, surprising herself. “The world’s swimming a little. I’m having trouble making sense of it all. And there’s this noise too.”
Dr. Prescott released her, his notebook was more much valuable. “Making sense of what?” he asked, licking his fingertips to thumb through the pages. “I need every detail. Anything you can see, new colors, shapes. I’m serious now, anything. There’s no telling what’s important.”
She was trying to figure out why she’d lied when his phone rang.
It was an old man ringtone. The sort of tinny, awful noise that could only mean the phone’s owner didn’t know enough to change the tune. Dr. Prescott made a decidedly horse-like huffing sound as he searched his pockets for the thing. Blanched, when he finally found it. For him, blanching was an achievement.
“Important, huh?” Eliza said.
He stared her down, steel in those blue-in-gray eyes. “Stay here,” he said, “and don’t touch anything. Ten minutes, I have to take this.”
“Watch out, it’s lame!” Eliza called, as the door swung shut behind him.
Alone with the noise, Eliza thought that if anything, it got louder.
She hopped off the bed, bare feet smacking against the cold tile. She was wearing one of those awful, papery gowns. Her hair was down, not even tangled. A brush lay on her bedside table with errant black hairs trapped in it as if some kindly nurse had given enough a shit to brush Eliza’s hair as she lay sleeping. Eliza grabbed the hairbrush. She threw it into the corner of the room, at the flat, fucked up convergence of those two walls.
The hairbrush disappeared. No change in the wind.
There were lines in the world, Eliza thought. Points that, when crossed, meant there was no turning back. When the hairbrush disappeared she knew, instinctively, that this something was one of those.
It wasn’t even pretty, except for the little stars poking through the edges.
It sounded wrong. Loud. Wind where wind could never be, in the cold, clinical bowels of some high-tech hospital that used people like her instead of lab rat.
But it was new. Eliza had done stupid things for new before, even when they sounded wrong.
And especially when people like Prescott told her not to.
Eliza reached out, pressed a hand against the corner. Her hand disappeared, but she still could feel it. The other side was brutally cold. Goosebumps ran up her arm. She wore a paper-thin hospital gown, no shoes. She’d been born in Savannah, Georgia, where the world tried to burn you to death for half the year.
Sometimes, even new wasn’t worth it.
Then wind whipped and sucked her in. A shocking warmth wrapped itself around Eliza’s hand, now pulling her wrist, her arm, her shoulder.
Eliza cursed as she disappeared. Not because of the cold. Not because of the power that grabbed her, or the unexpected warmth in the height of that foreign winter. But because somewhere, three floors down or two floors up or maybe even right next door, growing more distant with every lurching inch, there was a broken violin that she loved.
It was a mountain range. Snow fell in rivers, whole currents of the stuff washing up against jagged peaks that descended like a colossal staircase to a shrouded world lost below. But where they stood, Eliza and the man who had grabbed her, the sky was clear. It appeared that storms were other men’s problems.
The cold, however, was immediate and brutal. Wind roared all around her, slashing through the hospital gown. Eliza had only been here for a second, but she’d already lost the feeling in her feet.
“Don’t go anywhere,” Dr. Prescott had said. In retrospect, she should have listened.
“Here,” the man said, unbuttoning his cloak.
He wore a simple shirt beneath, black against the mountain’s endless white. He was short and serious. Long hair danced in the wind behind him. Eliza’s kept blowing into her eyes. When she didn’t move to take the cloak, he moved to her, draping the heavy, silvered furs across her shoulders. The man frowned, looking down at her bare feet, and then with a casual gesture, he swept the snow between them away. The sunlight shimmered as the snow disappeared, off to pour down on some other unfortunate place. The wind, though still loud beyond their immediate area, quieted a little.
“What, you’re not going to offer me your boots too?” Eliza said.
“Step into the sunlight,” said the man. “It’ll be enough for a few minutes, at least.”
Eliza stepped forward into the cleared space between them, only a few square feet, but it was warmer than all the rest, snow melting at its edges. She sank down into the space, pulling the fur cloak tighter around her. When Eliza looked back the brown smudge of the portal was gone. Lost in the snow, or simply lost. Shivering, angry, a little frightened, Eliza thought of her violin.
Eliza stared daggers at the little man. “Whatever the hell side effect this is, they aren’t paying me enough.”
He stared back, with a steady, confident smile. “Does my cloak feel like a side effect to you?”
She shrugged. “Experimental painkillers.”
The man chuckled. He sat down across from her, legs crossed beneath him, hands in his lap, and then quicker than she could react he reached towards her and plucked out a lock of her hair.
“Ow!” Eliza said.
“Bad painkillers,” said the man.
Despite herself, Eliza smiled. The smile shifted into a laugh, the laugh went a little strange, manic around the edges, like the portal that had brought her here. It was a laugh she’d used before however, and it felt good, even here, to have something of herself.
“You’re doing awfully well,” said the man, “for a person who slipped between the edges.”
He said it like an explanation, though looking across the mountaintop, Eliza knew there could be no good explanations. Surgeries didn’t turn into this. She waved him on nonetheless, and the man leaned back, sprawling across the rocks until his head lay pillowed by the snow.
“Lay back,” he said.
“I’ve heard this line.”
“Trust me.” His voice was low and calm. Accented strangely, enticingly.
Eliza laid back, away from him. Above her, all the lights were wrong and shifting. They were like the colors that had pierced the murky brown in her hospital room, but each shade was pure here, unadulterated.
They weren’t two-dimensional either. As the currents of snow split apart above them, Eliza could see a thousand windows into a thousand worlds, more stretched out all around them, perhaps visible from the other mountain peaks. Eliza imagined herself and this strange little man as one point among many, strung out in a jagged mountain chain until his next words shattered the illusion.
“You know,” he said, “it’s been centuries since I talked to someone else.”
He said it conversationally, like she might have discussed the weather or the key changes in a concerto. There was no bitterness in him, only a childlike sort of wonder. Curiosity. Incredibly, Eliza found herself believing him. When she looked out across all the other mountains, now she saw them like rooms in one massive, empty house. Shifting views for shifting moods. Lonely, in the way that only empty houses could be.
“I’m Eliza,” Eliza said.
“I know. Your Dr. Prescott, he’s a bastard but he’s on to something. That surgery? I’ve got windows into every world, and none of them ever thought of that. Of course, if he’d done it to the wrong person it wouldn’t have mattered at all. But to the right one? Well.\ You’re here, aren’t you?”
When he’d said ‘the right one,’ Eliza had felt a pit open up in her stomach. There was something in the way he said it, almost need, and when she’d heard need in a voice before it had always soured. Things went south when that happened. Violins got broken.
Eliza fought the urge to sit up. She forced herself to speak calmly. As casual as the man had been when he began. “And can I choose not to be?”
“Oh sure,” he said, reaching up to grab a little window in the sky. It enlarged, came down towards them until Eliza could touch it too. A portal hanging in the world, her hospital room on the other side. Eliza could hear Dr. Prescott’s conversation in the back of her mind like she’d heard the wind roaring when she woke up. He was talking, incredibly, about buying a horse.
“That bastard!” Eliza said.
“Told you.”
Eliza slipped a finger through the portal. Felt the hospital on the other side. Motionless air, warmer than it was here.
“My name is Theo,” he said.
Eliza laughed again, still a little manic. She wondered if Dr. Prescott could hear it on the other end.
“Theo,” she said, sitting up, “seriously? There’s a man on a mountain with portals to everywhere and his name is fucking Theo?”
Theo shrugged.
Eliza shook her head, forced the laugh back down. "What, are you a god or something? Theo, the god of windows? Portals? Snow?”
“You’ll laugh again,” Theo said.
“Hit me.”
He sat up. The wind howled, snow crept in a little closer. One of the distant windows shimmered and something dark fell through and down, and down. She lost it in the mountains.
Theo took a deep breath. “Have you ever heard,” he said carefully, “of the Bermuda Triangle?”
Her laugh was crazed. Wild. Eliza laughed until she couldn’t laugh anymore, as Theo, whatever he was, explained all about the places in between. The edges of the world, the cracks. Where shadows pooled and the light shifted, became something other than what a normal eye could see. Something other than what any eye could see, unless the eye belonged to a certain kind of dreamer, in a certain sort of place, with a certain sort of desperation.
“Where are we?” Eliza asked, staring into the portal home after what must have been an hour had passed, the image frozen on the other side as if time could wait for her just this once.
“Anywhere else,” Theo said, and she laughed again because so many times on so many nights, reaching for her violin to play herself a new reality for a few minutes or an hour, anywhere else was exactly where she had wanted to be.
“Are there others here?” Eliza asked.
“In places,” Theo said, and her initial image came roaring back. Their peak, the highest in the range, like one jewel among many in the strangeness of this cold and distant place.
“So you are a god?” Eliza whispered.
“I didn’t want to be,” Theo said, and when he said it there was sadness in his voice. A thousand things unsaid.
Eliza had lived through enough herself. She knew when not to pry.
And so he told her a secret, there on the mountaintop where everything converged. He said, “What Dr. Prescott did to you can never be undone. You understand that, right? Anywhere else isn’t a secret, not really. People slip into it sometimes, get lost out there in the mountains, or they fall through little cracks that even I don’t know about. It’s just that when you’re inside something, it’s so damned hard to see your way out of it. Most of the time people blunder around until a door opens, and then half the time after that they don’t even step through.
“But for you, Eliza, now there’s no more blundering. Just look to where the edges meet or the shadows pool, and there will be something that’s not quite right. That’s me. Here. Step through, and even if you’re lost down one of those little cracks, I can find you.”
“How?” Eliza asked. “Why?” she wanted to say.
Theo held up the lock of her hair. “With this.” And he then smiled, knowingly, and said, “it gets quiet up here on the mountain. Even gods could use a friend.”
He glanced to the window that hovered by Eliza’s side. “Besides, I’ve heard that you play the violin.”
In her lifetime, Eliza had been many things. She’d been brave and she’d been stupid, quiet and loud. Strong, and very, very weak. But she’d always been a musician, loved to play the violin. To be listened to, as well. And though he’d brought her here against her will, the memory of Theo’s grip still burning hot against her skin, the moment she’d asked to leave he’d offered. A real offer too, Eliza found that she believed him.
So instead of all the things she could have said, and had to other men before, Eliza said “The acoustics must suck up here. You’d lose the music in the wind.”
Theo stilled the wind with a gesture. The snow all fell away. Silence, on the mountaintop. Through the windows. The most complete silence that Eliza had ever heard, a sound begging to be filled.
Eliza whistled, and her note was the only sound in all the world.
“What happened to the wind?” she asked, the childlike wonder in her voice now.
Theo chuckled. “Let’s just say that somewhere, things got very, very loud.”
“And cold.”
“Two different places. I’m not a monster.”
And though it had been far more than five or ten minutes on the mountaintop, when Eliza’s laughter carried her back to Dr. Prescott’s office he’d only just purchased the horse, his voice carrying in the hallway outside the room. He was a passionate man, she realized. Excited by surgery, by horses. A bastard though, by Theo’s estimation, and Eliza realized that his estimation seemed to matter. That was odd. New. A problem? She wasn’t sure about that.
“How's your vision now?” Dr. Prescott asked, still excited. “Do you see anything new?”
This time, when Eliza lied, she knew why. It was an easy lie, only an omission really, and one that nobody else had forced out of her. Theo hadn’t even asked.
And somewhere, three floors down or two floors up, perhaps next door, but at the very least on the same planet once more, was her violin. Not a bad day’s work, and most of that unconscious. Perhaps next time, Eliza thought, she’d even bring his cloak home with her.
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2022.01.18 11:00 bobiks Crypto Porn - It's pretty interesting when you get to the point where you wake up each day and lose or gain 10k+ or so.

It puts things into perspective. What even is money if it can come and go so easily? Crypto is so relentless in how volatile it is, sometimes you wonder if you'll wake up and be more successful than you ever could imagine.
Does anyone else relate? I got back into this ages ago, and I've gotten so used to the market, I don't even care when I see my money fluctuate that much. I'm just like, oh, cool, another day. I made 10k or lost 10k over night on a trade, who cares.
It's amazing that it can be like that, I never thought I would see my income streams be that worthless but exciting at the same time. It's truly exciting but at the same time as of late I've learned to check out since we've been on a downtrend. My main holdings are in alts so I'm seeing more volatile movement, I'm really big on LUNA and AVAX- I think they are extremely promising projects, I also love Ethereum for obvious reasons like Smart Contracts.
I can't even imagine people who wake up each day and lose or gain 1 mil, 5 mil... and to think it's just perspective.
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2022.01.18 11:00 Myztic-Seeker 33rd degree Freemason Vivekananda Gives Nikola Tesla Insight on the nature of the universe “Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter."

33rd degree Freemason Vivekananda Gives Nikola Tesla Insight on the nature of the universe “Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter. submitted by Myztic-Seeker to AlternativeHistory [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 11:00 tyler_runs_lifts Race Report: 2022 Houston Marathon - I Needed That

Race Information Name: Houston Marathon Date: January 16, 2022 Distance: 26.2 miles Location: Houston, Texas Time: 2:33:19 Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/6533837892 Finish Video: Let's F'n Go! Random Pic: https://www.instagram.com/p/CY1ugP7rMxg/

Goal Description Completed?
A Run MY Race Yes
B Finish With Pride Yes
C PR (Sub-2:36:53) Yes
D Negative Split Yes
Split Time Pace
5k 18:31 5:58
10k 36:37 5:54
15k 54:51 5:53
Half 1:17:19 5:54
25k 1:31:36 5:54
30k 1:49:50 5:54
35k 2:07:50 5:53
40k 2:25:52 5:52
Finish 2:33:19 5:51
Training I played this training cycle as close to my chest as I could (minus a few hints here and there that several of y'all figured out). So much so, that as I walked around the expo on Saturday, several people stopped me and said, “I didn’t know you would be here.” I responded, “That was by design.”
Truth be told, I wanted to take as much pressure off myself as possible, especially after what happened in Chicago about four months ago. The only goals I had for this training cycle were to fall in love with the process all over again, trust said process and let my work speak for itself on race day.
I knew I was in a good spot going into the race because I hit each benchmark along the way (15 MP, cut-down LR, etc) and kept a steady dose of mileage over the 10-week build on a six-day week (54.94, 59.77, 57.17, 58.16, 58.25, 56.63, 57.25, 54.11, 50.19, 51.71). A lot of that comes down to me being present in the moment and not trying to press to become the runner that I think I should be – or anybody else thinks I should be – but rather the runner I am right now.
Pre-Race Nothing out of the ordinary here, which I guess is a good thing on race day. No trying coffee for just the second time in my life the morning of a big race or anything, like I did before Chicago.
Woke up three hours before the start, scarfed down breakfast (plain bagel w/ peanut butter & honey, banana), took a shower, put on some Houston rap (Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, etc), packed my gear bag & donned my throwaway clothes before walking over to the Convention Center.
I met up with about 16 of my teammates who were also doing the full once I got inside. That was another big reason why I chose to sign up for another marathon just four months after my last one – to be part of the team and grind through a training cycle alongside them. It's a little easier to push through tough workouts when you know your teammates gut through the same thing.
With about 45 minutes until the start, I walked over to the corral and did a little bit of jogging to stay warm. As the start neared and they dropped the rope separating the ADP corral from the A corral, it got pretty claustrophobic and confusing. You didn't know who was who, who was running what distance, who was running what pace, who was ADP and who was not, etc. That only got magnified when the gun went off and it was a mad dash through the narrow start line.
Race After that confluence of confusion, I didn’t get out as well as I hoped (not that it really matters in a marathon, but still). I went through the first mile at 6:19, even though Strava had me at 5:48 (I trust my watch since I always manually split every half & full marathon. Not only is it much safer, it also keeps your mind engaged). Seeing that 6:19 gave me a bit of a jolt & tested my resolve much earlier than I expected – but that's a marathon for you. From that moment on, my only goals were to move up the pack & run MY race. Everything else was out of my control. I wanted to do me – and only me.
I hastened my pace a bit over the next few miles bouncing between groups (5:47, 5:47, 5:53, 5:45). I asked each group I ran alongside if they were doing either the half or full, as well as their pacing goal. More often than not, they were doing the half at a pace slower than I wanted to do the full, so I soldiered on. I also passed a few of my teammates during this stretch, so that made it easier to know how much further I needed to move up after sharing words of encouragement.
Eventually I settled into a pack with several women in the elite field (Christina Welch, Molly Bookmyer, Andrea Pomaranski, Kate Sanborn) as well as a first-time marathoner whose name escapes me. We shared conversation, laughs and were able to take our minds off the fact that we all willingly signed up for another marathon. All of these miles were consistent, if not slightly under the pace that we all had been talking about – outside of a mile in which I pushed the tempo a little bit (5:53, 5:46, 5:50, 5:56, 5:56, 5:55, 5:57, 5:56). Near the end of my time with the group (or at least so I thought), I knew the half was coming up, so I wanted to position myself to make a big run at a negative split.
I saw 21k, made the hairpin turn and crossed the mat at half - 1:17:19.
It was at this time that a conversation I had with Patrick Cutter outside the expo on Saturday came to mind. We discussed strategy and had similar goals. He mentioned that his plan was to go through half around 1:17:00. I thought that sounded like a great fallback option, so I stowed it away. Once I saw that I was 19 seconds off that, I knew it was time to get to work on the second half.
From miles 14-19, I sang solo. With a number of those miles right into the teeth of the wind, old Tyler (Chicago Marathon Tyler and pre-Chicago Marathon Tyler) would have tried to blast through the breeze and folded mentally when it got to be too much. Instead, I kept a positive mindset and knew I learned my lessons from the past to bring to the future. I maintained effort, not pace – and was pleasantly surprised by the splits afterward (5:52, 5:52, 5:54, 5:54, 5:52, 5:52).
Right around mile 20, a few of the women from the group I thought I left behind at half went stride for stride next to me. It felt good to see – and work alongside – some familiar faces the rest of the way. It was at this time that I also thought that I felt REALLY good, like this was just another Sunday long run with marathon-paced components. And while that was the case, I still had to fight off a wayward side stitch around mile 21 and potential booty lock at mile 22. Two of those women put a slight gap on me by then, but I told myself I wasn't ready to make my move yet – that would come with 5k to go.
Once we joined up with the half marathoners again, I began to ratchet things down. Mile 25 buzzed through at 5:45, but I still had some work to do. Mile 26 rang in at 5:32. Then I picked it up even more over the last 0.2 miles, passing that aforementioned duo as well as several others. Official tracking had me at 7:27 for the last 2.2k, which comes out to 5:27/mi, so I knew I rolled that quite well.
I crossed the finish line at 2:33:19 and let out a huge "Let's Fucking Go!"
Post-Race After getting back into the Convention Center and chatting with some of my other teammates, it seemed like they had some great races, too. Three of us finished in the top-100: Rich was 52nd in 2:26:01; Will was 68th in 2:29:21; I was 89th in 2:33:19. Others had massive PRs and/or hit major milestones, like going sub-3 for the first time or finally qualifying for the Boston Marathon.
I walked back to my Air BnB, chatted with a few folks along the way and called home to tell my mom the news. She had been watching the YouTube live stream and following along, and while she didn't know if it was a PR for me until I told her, she said she could tell I was running much stronger than I did in Boston and Chicago with how I got faster as I went along. That was nice to hear.
The rest of the afternoon was filled celebrating the race with teammates at both their hotel and Saint Arnold's Brewery before bidding them adieu and seeking my traditional post-race burger.
Reflections It had been more than three years since I felt this post-marathon high.
Back on December 8, 2018, I ran my previous PR of 2:36:53 at Rocket City.
I felt like I could have kept going and the race director even mentioned how strong I looked.
Now on January 16, 2022, I cut 3:34 off that PR and went 2:33:19 in Houston.
I felt like I could have kept going (probably left a lot of time on the course) and several people I passed at various parts of the race mentioned how strong I looked when we chatted after the fact.
Back on October 10, I told myself I'd never run another marathon.
Now, 99 days later, I'm ready to start training for my next one.
(I'll probably take a crack at lowering my 10k PR before that, though.)
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