Германия не изключва "Северен поток-2" да се ползва за натиск срещу Русия

2022.01.18 10:01 chairbornebg Германия не изключва "Северен поток-2" да се ползва за натиск срещу Русия

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2022.01.18 10:01 Fluid-Ask4280 Chloe Full Movie Leaked

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2022.01.18 10:01 ProBonerCounsel Blepharitis in 1 eye for 2+ months and treating only with heat daily?

Hey folks,
I started with eye discomfort in my lower outer orbital area of my left eye in early November. It felt like a pulling/tight sensation and a little tender to touch. Nothing visible, no secretions, red eye, vision problems, etc.
After about a week my lower eyelid got swollen 5-6x regular thickness, I went to the optometrist and was prescribed Tobradex for 14 days.
It felt like it was working initially (no pain or discomfort for 3-4 days) and then my inner upper eyelid got very swollen and painful, receded back to normal after 1-2 days and then a large stye appeared in its place.
I went back to the optometrist on day 11 and was told to stop medication and that I had a chronic infection and to use heat once daily for 2 months followed by a gentle massage around the eyelids and wash/wipe them twice daily.
This never seems to have helped. Since then my eye goes between feel a constant dull, achy, tender, pulling sensation with no visible sign of problems and then randomly my eyelid gets swollen for a few days or a stye appears. This has easily happened 6-7 times and always and only in my left eye. No issues with my right eye at all.
I followed with my GP in my annual checkup in December. Around that time I had an ocular migraine than seemed to bother my left eye most (with no pain) and my temple and upper cheekbone below my left eye feels inflamed.
I have been known for TMJ issues and the line seems to now be blurred between what could be TMJ and what is related to whatever is going on with my eye.
I have a CT scan next week of my orbits/sinus ordered by my GP and see an ophthalmologist in 3 weeks. In the meantime I have a fat swollen eyelid again that is very painful and am not on any medication.
Is this normal treatment? Isn't blepharitis in one eye quite rare? Any other feedback?
Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.18 10:01 UReady4Spaghetti never in my life have i felt so empty

i'm at a total loss. i don't know what to do. where to turn to. i'm on antidepressants but they don't do anything, no matter which ones i try. i just want someone to care. anyone.
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2022.01.18 10:01 keyboardslaped I often hear the "thougher life made kids mature faster" excuse. I think studies like this one, about how repeated trauma (including poverty related trauma) does not make people stronger, are a good way to refute those arguments.

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2022.01.18 10:01 chairbornebg Община Босилеград е била сред общините с най-голяма активност при гласуването на референдума

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2022.01.18 10:01 ArcerPL blue yeti not even showing up as a driver

so lately i bought a blue yeticaster, tried to plug it in every usb slot i have on my pc, nothing happens, so i thought it's faulty and sent it back to get a new one, now i got a new one and it's the same problem, is there drivers i do not know about? it's not blue yeti pro, i tried to refresh the drivers with no result, i have no idea what's going on and how can i make it work, this is not a cheap mic, anyone know how to solve this problem?
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2022.01.18 10:01 squishyorange We MUST be close to the new update now

I'm just so eager.
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2022.01.18 10:01 sheluvscheesecake im tired

im tired of actually living. im tired of keeping on going. it never gets better.
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2022.01.18 10:01 Osiris_Sand A little edit, guys. Jus for fun

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2022.01.18 10:01 CthulhuFor2020 "Welcone to the end" Lucifer (Supernatural)

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2022.01.18 10:01 awdrt123 Can someone help identify this spider ?

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2022.01.18 10:01 chairbornebg Москва каза, че посолството й в Киев работи нормално

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2022.01.18 10:01 tiernvn If you could witness any two people in history (dead or alive) locked in a room together for 24 hours, who would you pick and why?

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2022.01.18 10:01 pennyfred Asus Strix Arion SSD Enclosure Speed?

I purchased a Strix Arion SSD enclousure to use with a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB. This is connected to an Asus Code X motherboard which has a USB 3.1 gen 2 port.
My research indicates it should be capable of 10Gbps /1250 MBps writes, but when transferring to it get only get a max of 200MBps. I may return it as isn't getting my expected speeds. Would I be correct in my expectation of transfer speeds or is there something I need to configure to get better write speeds? Thanks.
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2022.01.18 10:01 Nath2125 Is this worth a buy?

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2022.01.18 10:01 nimobo Ontario seeks to challenge court ruling striking down new teachers' mandatory math test

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2022.01.18 10:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: cymdeithasol

cymdeithasol translates to social
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2022.01.18 10:01 BellaWargaming Special Birthday Portraits!

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2022.01.18 10:01 chairbornebg Турция не смята за реалистична възможна окупация на Украйна от Русия

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2022.01.18 10:01 Spacehead3 Aerodynamic Studies of a 2022 F1 Car

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2022.01.18 10:01 DaimosX74384 Position of Xbox Series X

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2022.01.18 10:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: sosyal

sosyal translates to social
See previous words @ https://wordofthehour.org/past
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2022.01.18 10:01 Natutosenpai modi gangster

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2022.01.18 10:01 Silly_Protection_887 I miss the feeling off being loved by my girlfriend

Recently been broken up with after 5 years together (I’m 22 now so 5 years is a huge part off my life) and although in my head I know the breakup was for the best as she changed so much into not the girl I fell in love with but someone a lot more selfish and hurtful who would lie to me.
All my heart wants is her back, I miss the little things like the good morning and good night texts, the nipping food shopping and just laying in bed watching tv and her cuddling into me and just the feeling off knowing I’m loved by her.
It’s only been 3.5 weeks since the breakup and the breakup has kicked in now and although I’m still going out with my friends and family to keep myself busy I still feel like I have a huge hole missing from me where she should be.
How does everyone deal with the feeling off missing who you though was your soulmate and feeling so empty without them?
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